Just Because He Breathes: Learning to Truly Love Our Gay Son

On the night of November 20, 2001, a conversation held over Instant Messenger changed our lives forever. Our twelve year old son messaged me in my office from the computer in his bedroom.

Ryan says: can i tell u something…[more]

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Scholarly Biblical Resources on Homosexuality

Robert Gagnon is an associate professor of New Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. He takes a conservative line in the homosexuality debate, and you will see why when you visit his site. His work is well-researched and scholarly. [More here….]

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From the wife of a queer man…

An interesting post over at rachelheldevans.com:

“American Christians are in the midst of a conversation about sexuality. This conversation is important (yet heart-wrenching) to gay Christians for obvious reasons. Among straight Christians (with whom I identify), some of us have the conversation for ministerial reasons. Others have it so that we can know how to better love our friends and family members (which in my opinion, is ministerial!). And then there is a small contingent of us who approach this conversation from a unique vantage point–we are in a heterosexual marriage with someone who does not entirely identify as heterosexual…” [more]

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Idealogical Challenges for Bible Translators

We all bring perspectives and background understandings to how we read the Bible, assuming that our reading of particular passages is natural. Translators can do the same. This article is well worth the read.
“The text of the Bible has been and can be used to promote injustice and oppression, and these reflect a translator’s ideology…[more]”
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Identity Mapping?

One of the most unfortunate habits of biblical interpretation in the past several centuries, in my opinion, is that of assuming that the teachings of biblical texts are directly transferable to other cultures, including those that are quite different from those to which they were originally addressed… [more]

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Four Interpretive Pitfalls Around the New Testament Household Codes

A lot of Christians are under the assumption that instructions about wives submitting to their husbands are found exclusively in the pages of Scripture, that these are solely “biblical” concepts. But the Christians in the churches at Ephesus, Colossea, and Asia Minor who first heard these letters read aloud would instantly recognize Peter and Paul’s version of the household codes as a sort of radical Christian remix of familiar Greco-Roman philosophy… [more]

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No one is born gay or straight – here’s why.

A couple of years ago, the Human Rights Campaign, arguably the country’s most powerful lesbian and gay organization, responded to politician Herman Cain’s assertion that being gay is a choice.  They asked their members to “Tell Herman Cain to get with the times! Being gay is not a choice!”  They reasoned that Cain’s remarks were “dangerous.”  Why?  “Because implying that homosexuality is a choice gives unwarranted credence to roundly disproven practices such as ‘conversion’ or ‘reparative’ therapy. The risks associated with attempts to consciously change one’s sexual orientation include depression, anxiety and self-destructive behavior.” …[more]

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The Gender Spectrum

An interesting article in Teaching Tolerance


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Portraits of Albanian Women Who Have Lived Their Lives as Men

In line with the social and cultural aspects of gender and identity. Click here.


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An excellent article on finding God’s will.

Click here.

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