Site Help

A blog is a discussion and information site on which users engage around topical “posts” contributed by the blog authors. Site users are called “Subscribers” and, on this blog, must be logged in to post a comment or reply as part of the discussion. Prior to registration, visitors to the site will be able to access the blog posts, but unable to contribute in any way to the discussion.

Once you have registered and received approval to use the site, log in with your username and password using the log-in box on the right side of the home page. When you are finished, you may log out from the same box. The site template will always display the following navigation elements:

1. The main menu on the top green bar;
2. The tabbed selection box on the right – from here you can select pages which display the most popular or most recent posts, contributed comments, or tags (keywords which identify a post);
3. The archive box, which lists the growing archive of posts by date;
4. The categories box which will display post topics according to their categories as the site grows;
5. The blogroll box, which provides links to other recommended blogs and resources. Clicking on one of these usually opens the linked site in a new page;
6. Recommended reading, where you will find information about books worth reading;
7. A search box at the top right of the green menu bar, from where you can search for specific posts, keywords, etc.
8. Social networking icons and an RSS feed button below the top banner. You can use these to link to Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, or subscribe to the site’s RSS feed if you so desire.

A note about the “Members’ Area” option in the main menu: selecting this will enable you to change your basic details, choose a new password, and access this page at any time.

Gravatars are globally available avatars – if you would like to change the default icon associated with your name on posts, you can visit Sign up there using the same email address you used to register here. Then create yourself a gravatar using a photo or picture of your choice. Make sure to mark it with a ‘G’ rating. Next time you log in to the blog, it should appear next to your name!

A few words on etiquette: Since this is not a public site in the sense that posting and commenting is open only to  New Creation members, we should not expect many issues with etiquette! For the sake of appropriate usage, however, a few pointers are in order:

1. Your posts/comments/replies will always be identifiable by your username, you are unable to post anonymously;
2. Having said that, a blog is meant to be a place for open discussion, so if you want to ask a question, comment on a post, or reply to the comments of others in a way which challenges their assertions, please feel free to do so without fear of retribution!
3. Always be polite and respectful;
4. Do not deviate from the topic under discussion – stay on track!
5. If you wish to suggest a topic for future discussion on the blog, please use the form on the “Suggestions” page. If you feel you have a worthwhile topical post which could contribute to a healthy discussion, please submit it and we will consider including it in the blog;
6. The blog admins reserve the right to delete inappropriate comments/replies and if necessary block disruptive users.